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Sexual Abuse

Many New Mexico residents are not aware that legal remedies exist for victims of sexual abuse. For many victims of sexual abuse, the injuries extend far deeper than the skin. Targets of sexual violence often live with PTSD, depression and anxiety, sleep loss, and high blood pressure. These side effects can interfere with one’s career, relationships, and well-being. Our sexual abuse attorneys of Roybal-Mack & Cordova, PC in Albuquerque strive to help victims of sexual assault or rape put their lives back together by seeking justice through a civil lawsuit.

Recognize The Signs Of Sexual Abuse

The most common indicator that a sexual act is sexual assault or abuse, however, is the fact that it is unwanted and non-consensual. Other signs that indicate you are the victim of sexual abuse include the following:
  • You experienced unwanted touching.
  • Another person attempted to or did rape you, meaning he or she performed unwanted vaginal, anal, or oral penetration with a body part or object.
  • Another person took advantage of you while you were intoxicated or otherwise unable to give consent.
  • Another person forced or manipulated you into performing unwanted, degrading, or painful acts during intercourse.
  • Another person took explicit pictures of you without your consent.
  • A partner denied you protection or contraption during intercourse.
  • Another person forced you to perform sexual acts for money or on film.
Sexual abuse looks different in almost every situation. So you can better understand your rights, you must know what constitutes sexual violence and seek legal advice as soon as you suspect you are the victim of it.

Understanding What Constitutes Rape

Our sexual abuse attorneys at Roybal-Mack & Cordova, PC, are here to guide rape victims by helping them understand that unwanted sexual contact may have occurred through no fault of their own. We do this by educating them on the various types of rape:

  • Acquaintance rape, which occurs between two people who know each other
  • Partner, marital, or spousal rape (battering rape, force-only rape, and sadistic rape)
  • Incest, particularly between vulnerable children and trusted adult figure
  • Statutory rape (age of consent is 17 in New Mexico)
  • Diminished capacity rape (which occurs when one person forces sexual penetration on another who does not have the mental capacity to consent)

Recovering For Damages Caused By Sexual Abuse or Rape

Sexual abuse or rape can have long-term and devastating consequences for the victim and his or her family, many of which are psychological. Psychological injuries can be just as costly as, if not more so than, physical injuries. If you are a victim of sexual assault and now struggle with anxiety, depression, or PTSD, reach out to our legal team at Roybal-Mack & Cordova, PC. Through compassionate and skilled legal representation, we will pursue justice and fight for the compensation you need to focus on your emotional recovery. Contact our Albuquerque law firm today to schedule a private consultation.


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