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Motor Vehicle Accident

Roybal-Mack & Cordova, PC has seen the damage caused by careless motorists. That’s why our personal injury attorneys are dedicated to representing the needs of our clients injured in motor vehicle accidents. Motor vehicle accidents can fall into different categories, but a vehicle is involved in all instances.

As drivers, we are responsible for taking necessary measures to ensure a safe and sound driving experience. Carelessness can lead to motor vehicle accidents, which may result in serious injuries. These injuries may have a long-lasting impact on the victims.

  • Auto Accident- This can be caused by distracted driving, including texting while driving, which is a dangerous behavior. Other distractions include passengers, GPS, snacking, and daydreaming while driving.
  • Multi-Vehicle Accident – A certified accident investigator or legal action may be needed to determine fault for a multi-vehicle accident.
  • Semi Truck Accident- Truckers and their companies may be liable for damages if they fail to take reasonable care to prevent crashes. The trucker can be found at fault in some instances.
  • Pedestrian Accidents- Not all pedestrian accidents are fatal. Some common pedestrian injuries include brain and spinal injuries, bone fractures, torn ligaments, and bruises.
  • Motorcycle Accident- Motorcycle accidents often result from the exact causes as single-car accidents, including poorly maintained roads, road hazards, defective products, and drunk driving. However, a major cause of motorcycle accidents is inattention, where drivers overlook or ignore motorcycles due to their small size.

Why You Need A Personal Injury Attorney

The process of getting an accident reconstruction expert involved is not well-known. And not every attorney has the skill required to interpret the expert’s report and translate that into an effective case for your personal injury claim. The personal injury team at Roybal-Mack & Cordova, PC has the experience and expertise you need to fight for full financial recovery. Our professional network includes accident reconstruction experts who can help prove liability (and disprove your liability) for a multi-vehicle accident, motorcycle accidents, and pedestrian accidents. We make sure that your recovery includes easily calculable damages, like medical expenses and lost wages, but also intangible damages, including pain and suffering and temporary or permanent loss of capabilities resulting from your injuries.

Get The Best Outcomes For Your Motor-Vehicle Accident

New Mexico has a statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim. If your case requires an accident reconstruction expert, the sooner they can review your accident reports, the better their analysis.

Call Roybal-Mack & Cordova, PC, to schedule an interview with our Albuquerque-based team. All personal injury cases are taken on a contingency fee basis. You do not pay legal fees unless you collect damages for your accident.


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