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Elder Abuse

As unbelievable as it may seem, some people prey on seniors for scams and abuse because of their vulnerability. This is especially true when dementia or Alzheimer’s plays a role or when a senior lacks social connection and feels a sense of isolation. Being able to recognize when elder abuse is occurring is the first step in addressing it.

If you suspect elder abuse, contact our attorneys immediately. Our attorneys at Roybal-Mack & Cordova, PC treat every client like one of our own, which is why we’re so passionate about defending the rights of seniors who are being targeted.

Signs Of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse can occur in nursing homes and independent living communities, but it can also happen at the hands of a family member or a professional caregiver. Some signs of elder abuse are listed below.

  • Unexplained Injuries – Bruises, cuts, broken bones, and other injuries should cause concern and be investigated immediately. This is especially true when injuries occur within a nursing home since staff must always be vigilant about senior care.
  • Bedsores – Immobile seniors must be moved and cleaned regularly. Their bedding must also be changed regularly, as well as their clothing. When these duties are neglected, bedsores will likely develop. Some bedsores even result in life-threatening infections when other health conditions are present.
  • Depression or Anxiety – Both mental and physical abuse can lead to the onset of depression and anxiety disorders. A person may also be withdrawn or uncommunicative after abuse takes place. It is important to be aware of any behavioral changes in an elder.
  • Poor Personal Care – Poor personal care typically points to neglect for seniors needing help bathing and grooming. The elderly person may also be lacking in nutrition and proper hydration.
  • Trouble Paying Bills – With financial abuse, the target may experience difficulty covering daily living expenses. The person’s bank account may also be losing funds, even though the account holder has no recollection of spending money.

The best way to protect your elderly loved one is by maintaining a consistent presence and communication in their life. Visit often, ask questions, and let your loved one know you’re always there should they need help. Additionally, maintain constant contact with caregivers or nursing homes.

When To Contact An Elder Abuse Attorney

Even after the issue has been remedied, your loved one may still want to pursue legal action against the abuser or facility. Roybal-Mack & Cordova, PC understands how upsetting elder abuse truly is. That’s why our attorneys are diligent and empathetic when developing legal strategies for our clients. If you want to discuss your case, call 505.288.3500 to schedule a free consultation.

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