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Burn Injuries in New Mexico

Burn Injuries New MexicoThere are many reasons why burn injuries may occur. What you need to know about your burn injury case is the extent of the damage done to you both physically and emotionally and who precisely is responsible for your burn injury. Over a million people suffer from burn injuries in the United States every year, and the extent of the damage done by these burns can be debilitating and life-altering.

Common Reasons for Burn Injuries

  • Gas explosions
  • Defective smoke detectors (see defective product lawsuits) link
  • Kitchen accidents
  • Hospital fires
  • Smoking hazards
  • Chemicals burns and scalding in a laboratory

Any of these reasons for a severe burn can be grounds for burn injury litigation. The first step is to find the person directly responsible for your burn injury. Once you have found the person who caused the incident in the first place, you and your personal injury attorney must work together to find out why the incident occurred. Explosions and chemical spills are usually the result of some kind of negligence. Sometimes you will be suing an individual for your burn injury. Other times you may be suing the establishment where the incident took place.

Burn Injuries on the Job

If you have sustained a burn in jury in your place of work, then you may be entitled to worker’s compensation for your injury, expenses, and any time lost as a result of your burn injury. Consult Roybal-Mack & Cordova, P.C.’s law office to find out if you are entitled to worker’s compensation and how to proceed with collecting the benefits you rightfully deserve after a burn incident.