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Legal Guardianship and Kinship Guardianship

Guardianship AttorneyGuardianship is the legal right for one person to care for and make decisions in the best interests of another. The person cared and provided for by the guardian is referred to as a ward. Guardianship can be granted to a person for a variety of reasons. These reasons are usually related to age, disability, physical illness, or mental incapacity. A guardians ward is not always a child. A person can become a legal guardian for any person who grants them guardianship or who is granted guardianship by a court.

If guardianship is not granted to a person by a will or any other formal document from a parent, then it is granted by the court. A person must apply to become the guardian of another. The person petitioning for guardianship must be able to defend his or her belief that the child or disabled adults best interests are in the petitioners care. This means being ready to prove stability, income, compassion, and availability to adequately care and provide for the person to whom they wish to be a guardian.

Kinship Guardianship

Kinship guardianship grants the legal right of guardianship of one person to another family relative such as an uncle, aunt, grandparent, or other relative. Kinship guardianship is beneficial for the ward in several ways. It maintains the structure of a family and a sense of closeness within that family for the person cared for.

Want to Become Someones Guardian? We Can Help.

Becoming another persons legal guardian is a long process and takes a great deal of commitment. If you believe that a child or disabled adults best interests are in your care, contact us to set up a consultation and to learn more about what it takes to become somebody’s legal guardian.