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Children’s Law in New Mexico

Children’s law, also known as juvenile law, is an area of law that concerns juveniles. Contrary to popular belief, children’s law does not just apply to babies and very young children. The term juvenile addresses all people who are not legal adults, so children’s law applies to all minors.

Subjects Covered in Children’s Law

Children's LawChildren’s law usually deals with minors who have committed crimes, are being neglected or mistreated in their homes, are in need of help or care from the state, or juveniles who have committed a status offense. Status offenses are violations of age restrictions such as possession of alcohol or tobacco, violating curfew, or any other underage activity. Truancy is another form of status offense. Truancy is the legal term for skipping school. Attending public or private school is a legal requirement for all minors who are not officially home schooled.

Juvenile courts also deal with the abuse and neglect of minors in their homes. If the parent(s) of a child have demonstrated unfit behavior, it is up to the juvenile court and attorneys specializing in children’s law to take the proper measures to either correct the problem at home or to find a safer, more caring environment to raise the minor in.

Tried as Adults

It is becoming increasingly common that minors who have been convicted of criminal activity such as theft, violence, or drug trafficking are being tried as adults. Trying minors as adults is a response to the rapid increase in juvenile crime and a general get tough approach to disciplining juvenile criminals. Minors who have committed criminal offenses may be tried as adults but are best defended by attorneys who specialize in children’s law.

If your child, ward, or a child you know is in any kind of legal trouble in New Mexico, you can rely on Roybal-Mack & Cordova, P.C.’s children’s law attorneys to defend your child’s safety and prosperity. We want what’s best for your child, and we know you do too.