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Abuse and Neglect Cases in New Mexico

Abuse and Neglect Cases New Mexico The abuse and neglect of a child, disabled adult, senior citizen, patient, or any other kind of dependent human is an unforgivable but all-too-common occurrence. Abuse and neglect of a dependent is taken very seriously by both state and federal courts. There are many ways to define the abuse of another.

Abuse can be verbal and psychological as well as physical. The regular use of hurtful language that damages a child emotionally constitutes emotional abuse and is dealt with in the same way and with the same seriousness as physical abuse.

Parental substance abuse is considered to be a form of child abuse under some circumstances. If a child is exposed to substance abuse in the womb through his pregnant mother’s substance abuse, this can be considered child abuse. It is also abusive for a child to in an environment where illegal substances are made or sold. Selling or giving illegal substances to children is also considered abuse.

Sexual abuse is a very serious form of child abuse that can exist in several different forms. Sexual abuse not only includes sexual actions made upon a minor or disabled and in-consenting adult, it also includes exploitation. Sexual exploitation is a form of abuse that includes actions such as allowing or forcing a dependent into prostitution or forcing a child to participate in child pornography.


When a parent, guardian, or other responsible party fails to provide a dependent with food, shelter, supervision, medical care, or any other basic necessity of living, it is deemed neglect. Neglect is considered to be a form of abuse to a person. Neglecting a dependent such as a child or disabled adult can harm them physically over time as well as psychologically and emotionally. Medical neglect occurs when a person refuses to give a child or disabled adult the medical care and nutrition that he or she needs in order to live well.

Stop Abuse and Neglect Today

If you or a person you know is the victim abuse or neglect in any way, it is important that you call the authorities and end the abuse immediately. Quite often abuse results in long-term physical and emotional damage to the victim. If you believe that you are entitled to further justice as the result of this kind of damage, our highly experienced family law attorneys and legal professionals will see to it that you are safe and taken care of as well as properly compensated for any physical or emotional damage you have sustained.