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Wage and Hour Disputes

wage and hour disputesThere was once a time when the legal relationship between employers and employees wasn’t nearly as clearly defined as it is now. The roles of employee and employer have since become much more clearly defined as changes in state and federal law, new cases, changing precedents, and changes in modern American culture affect the way that we view fairness to employees. Wage and hour disputes between employees and employers are some of the most common civil litigation cases in the country, but despite being so common, they are also constantly changing in the way they are viewed and handled. That is why Roybal-Mack & Cordova, P.C.’s team of attorneys are always looking at new cases and staying informed on the most up-to-date standards for wage and hour disputes in New Mexico and across the country.

Independent Contractors Wage and Hour Disputes

Many employers think that they are hiring independent contractors and that they can do whatever they like with them, including abusing their hourly wages and denying them extra compensation such as overtime. What these employers do not realize is that even if an employee is hired as an independent contractor, this can be disputed regardless of the original agreement or employment contract between the contractor and the business. In this case, the independent contractor can show that he or she is actually an employee and is thus entitled to benefits, overtime, and back payroll taxes.

Breaks and Lunches

Employees are entitled to 10 minutes of break time for every 4 hours of work during a workday in addition to a designated lunch. These 10 minutes cannot be deducted from the employees pay. This is just one example of how wage and hour disputes can be caused by unfair break, lunch, and relief practices.

Off-the-Clock Time

It happens often that employees feel it is unfair that they have to work outside of their paid hours and must do additional work at home or in their office without being compensated. Employees can take legal action if they feel that their time is regularly being abused by their employer.

If you have been having a wage or hour dispute with your employer and need legal representation to get the money you deserve, then contact us to arrange for a consultation. Roybal-Mack & Cordova, P.C.’s team is here to serve the people of New Mexico with the finest expert legal counsel.